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Case study

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shapez was the 23rd highest-rated game on Steam in 2020. Using meticulously optimised Facebook and Reddit ads, we had shapez receiving a positive return on ad spend within 2 weeks.​


shapez have an enormous fanbase, with glowing reviews from none other than Notch himself. They had a problem, though: their ads just weren’t profitable, and their sales were beginning to dwindle. That's where we came in to help.

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We dove straight to work, analysing all of the advertising analytics that shapez had collected thus far - and there was a lot to analyse. We trawled through analytics from Steam, Google, Facebook, Reddit - and even Shapez’s own custom analytics platform - until we had a number of audience personas developed.


From there, we began the process of creating the ads. Devising dozens of variants (at one point we had over 24 ads running at once!), we rigorously tested, analysed and refined until we had a winning combination.Within 2 weeks, shapez was earning a positive return on ad spend.

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