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Case study


Genfanad was looking to hit an ambitious Kickstarter goal to fund their browser-based MMORPG. With our help, their Kickstarter was 100% funded in under 24 hours.​


The developers of Genfanad came to us for help with their launch marketing; growing their mailing list and running an advertising campaign to ensure that their Kickstarter was fully funded.​

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Limited time.
Maximum Results.

There was limited time before Genfanad’s campaign, and we dove in right away. Having worked with Genfanad previously on a highly successful PR campaign, we were quick to identify the key elements that made Genfanad unique - their humour and old-school themes - and put them front and centre of our ad campaign.


Social Media
Focus Testing

We tested dozens of ad and copy variants over Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and worked with Genfanad to set up a high-converting landing page. After our rigorous testing period, we settled on Facebook as the winner - and, focusing all of our attention there, earned Genfanad hundreds of mailing list signups at 40% of the industry average cost-per-lead.


We continued our advertising campaign throughout Genfanad’s Kickstarter period - and as a result, not only was their Kickstarter 100% funded in just 24 hours, but by the end of the month they had hit an incredible 200% of their Kickstarter goal.

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