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Case study

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First for their Next Fest - and again again for their launch - our full-service work with Drift saw huge organic coverage through YouTube, and a highly successful paid ads camapign culminate to make a successful launch.


As soon as we saw Drift, we knew that the developers had struck gold. Our work with Drift touched every element of their marketing - from their Steam page, to influencers, to press, to paid ads. Our first campaign increased Drift's wishlists by 5x in just one week - and our launch campaign earned them hundreds of thousands of organic views across YouTube.​

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BIG Results.

Drift was a passion project by a solo developer, so our budget was limited. Lucky, that’s our speciality. Our highly-targetted paid ads and influencer campaign increased Drift's wishlist numbers by 5x in just one week - an increase of thousands. Our following launch campaign solidified that wishlist gain - earning hundreds of thousands of organic views across YouTube, including coverage by Blitz, a channel with 4 million subscribers.


Ultimately, when Drift released, their wishlist numbers shot them to the top of the 'Popular Upcoming' tab, earning them legions of organic attention. Our work on their Steam page made converting that attention into sales easy - turning their indie passion project into a dream-come-true.

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